How to play

Kakuro is easy to learn! All you do is fill in the blank squares with numbers 1-9 according the the given clues.

Clue squares

Kakuro puzzles will contain many clue squares, these are squares which help you to solve the puzzle. A clue square can have an "across" clue or a "down" clue, or both.

In the example below we see an "across" clue square, with 4 blank squares to the right of it. The 4 blank squares make up a "run", you must fill the run so that all the numbers in it add up to the clue (in this case 13). So you could enter 1,2,3 and 7.

An "across" clue, 13 over 4 squares

The same is true for "down" clues, however the squares which form the run are positioned below the clue square in that case.

Duplicate Numbers

You may not enter any duplicate number in the same run, so the example here is incorrect as it has two 1's. Therefore the combination 1+1+7 cannot be used here to add up to the clue of 9.

So you must fill in every run, using only the numbers 1-9 without duplicates, so that they add up to the clue square given.

Two 1's in the same run is not allowed!

Clue combination helper

You can click the diagonal clue squares to display all the combinations for that run, which makes life a lot easier! Click the clue square more than once to toggle between horizontal and vertical clues.

Click the clue square to see the combinations!

That's all there is to it! now you know everything you need - go play our free online Kakuro game and see how you get on.

If you get stuck try learning some Solving techniques to help you out!

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